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More and more organizations are moving business applications on AWS because of the inherent benefits of the public cloud and reliability & security offered by the AWS cloud platform.

Unleash the potential of

Hosting ON AWS

Organisations face a multitude of challenges when running and maintaining business application in on premises datacenters . Need to maintain the datacenters, ensuring uninterrupted service to their users, maintaining data backups and security is a daunting task. Some organisation choose colocation model to take care of some of these challenges, however, they don’t get the benefits provided by a leading public cloud provider like AWS such as Pay as you Go pricing, automation, self-service and visibility.

Public clouds like AWS not only benefits businesses in overcoming challenges of maintaining infrastructure, compliance, security, backups and DR,  it also helps companies to create a digital infrastructure for the use of AI / ML / Blockchain in the future.


The use cases for hosting on AWS range from running a Dev-Test environment to hosting mission-critical and scalable systems. E.g. SAP S/4HANA environment on AWS.

  • ERP Hosting: Host any ERP including home grown, custom, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Web Server Hosting: Host any website, internal or customer facing, static or CMS or e-commerce or 3-tier applications
  • Serverless hosting: Go serverless by using various managed services provided by AWS and realize the real power of cloud
  • Disaster recovery: Use AWS as a disaster recovery site for on-premise applications
Unleash the potential of

Customers have been running Windows workloads on AWS for over a decade. Our experience running Windows applications has earned our customers’ trust and the number of AWS enterprise customers using Amazon EC2 for Windows Server has grown 5x since 2015. You can select from a number of Windows Server versions including the latest version, Windows Server 2019. In addition, AWS supports everything you need to build and run Windows applications including Active Directory, .NET, System Center, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Windows desktop-as-a-service. AWS also has the first and only fully managed native-Windows file system available in the cloud with FSx for Windows File Server and is the only cloud provider to provide production support for Kubernetes on Windows.

The AWS advantage for Windows over the next Largest Cloud Provider

More regions with multiple availability zones
Higher performance for SQL Server on Windows
Fewer downtime hours in 2018
More services offering encryption

We have worked with customers to help them move web applications, e-commerce platforms, ERP systems (SAP, Navision, etc.) to the cloud. Customers are looking for a provider that can provide managed to host these applications, so they can focus on their business. 

Increased innovation

Innovate faster with huge scalability and flexibility. Pay for resources only when you are using, remove resources and you will stop incurring the cost

Simplified operations

Organisations can focus on their core business rather than worrying about Infrastructure management. Use Mismo managed hosting and go serverless to streamline operations.

Reduced costs

No more oversizing and procurement in advance. Scale in minutes when you need to. Use autoscaling to scale up and down based on the load. Pay only what you use, pay by seconds.

Enhanced availability

Build a highly reliable infrastructure and ensure that your system is always available irrespective or hardware or datacenter failure. Host your system in multiple regions for DR and easy access to users.

With business applications in the AWS cloud, you can provide your users with increased productivity, mobility, and reliability, all at a reduced cost and with easier management.

Flexibility and Scalability

High Availability

Enterprise Grade Infra & Support

Increased Security

Accelerated Deployment


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