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Azure Backup – Overview


  • Regular automatic backups of server data to protect from data loss
  • Prevent data loss due to hardware failure or ransomware /virus
  • Remove overhead of manual backups using USB disks or tapes
  • Keep data backup for 99 years in most secure datacenter in India
  • Incremental backup with compression and 99.9% SLA
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Only pay for backup agent and data storage, no charges of data transfer or restores
  • Reduce cost of tapes management and offsite movement
  • Pay as you grow, no need of upfront investment




  • Example 1 – File/Folder Backup from Windows Client
ItemDescriptionQTYTotal Cost
Azure Backup Agent CostWorkstation with 50 GB of data1₹ 300.44 per month
Azure Storage Cost1GB @ ₹ 1.59/MO20₹ 31.08 per month
  • Example 2 – File/Folder Backup from Windows Server
ItemDescriptionQTYTotal Cost
Azure Backup Agent CostServer with 500 GB of data1₹ 600.88 per month
Azure Storage Cost1GB @ ₹ 1.59/MO100₹ 159 per month

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