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Mismo Managed Disaster Recovery

What we do

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud computing model. It uses cloud resources to protect applications and data from disruption caused by disaster. Also allowing the full continuity of the work environment within minutes of the system failure by making a seamless interlink between on-site IT Infrastructure and the one sitting 1000’s of kilometers away.


A comprehensive service that provides system failover to a secondary infrastructure by replicating your production infrastructure & all its processes onto a recovery infrastructure. So that you can transition to this environment without any hint of trouble, allowing your business services to continue without any hindrance.

When you subscribe to Mismo managed Disaster Recovery offering, you get:

Consulting and Licensing

  • Design the right DR strategy with desired RPO and RTO
  • Helping you choose the DR service that meets business requirements

User Support

  • Break-fix support
  • DR Drills
  • Support during actual DR

Installation and Training

  • Planning and designing the DR environment
  • Setting up replication and testing DR
  • Admin raining and Operations monitoring


  • Regular monitoring and review of the services
  • Updates and Change Management
  • Optimisations and improvements

Reduce disaster recovery costs:

Businesses that currently have a secondary site for disaster recovery purposes are surely familiar with the high costs associated with it. Most of these additional costs are effectively eliminated by using DRaaS through a managed service provider.


A DRaaS offering eliminates the need for the following expenses:

  1. Owning or leasing space for a secondary data center
  2. Monthly costs associated with power, cooling, and internet bandwidth
  3. Purchase or lease of servers, storage, and network equipment
  4. Travel to and from data centers or onsite staff at the secondary data center

Simple, Automated Protection and DR in Cloud

  • Protect your environment by automating the replication of the virtual machines
  • Protect Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and physical servers
  • Use Azure or your secondary datacenter as your recovery site
  • Easily create Disaster Recovery plans
  • No impact DR testing
  • Application aware replication
  • Easy Failback Capabilities
  • Data encrypted while in replication and at rest
  • Reduced RTO and RPO with low cost
  • Guaranteed 99.9% availability for each Protected Instance of Site Recovery Service

Why have a DR Strategy and Solution?

  • Increased dependency on data and IT system for every business
  • Protection and availability of these systems is crucial for business to operate
  • Outages can be caused by natural disaster or an operational failure, but the IT systems need to get back up and running asap

The next stage after Disaster Recovery

In any ideal world, the DR service would never be invoked. But disasters do happen. DRaaS is designed to reduce the impact of these events. In the event of a disaster, any failover must be evoked quickly and easily. The DR service must be tested periodically and associated DR plan must be kept up-to-date with regular reviews.

From an IT director’s point of view, DRaaS allows the effective deploying of the DR plan – testing and ongoing monitoring. This enables them to focus on those projects that drive business value. Rather than spending time on risk reduction and testing. Many data protection practitioners believe that in the future, DRaaS, data protection, and data management are going to become linked.

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It is expected of organizations to be using data virtualization or data fabric technologies therefore, to manage data across on-premise and cloud services. Also using these tools to simplify the management and improve the availability of data. Internet bandwidth and cloud servers have become more cheaper and universal so DRaaS has become a much more usable proposition for virtually every workload and enterprise.

As Robert Rutherford, CEO of technology consultancy QuoStar says, the financial impact and the damage to the reputation of a business that is not able to operate in a short or extended disaster is so great now, DRaaS in some form, is “pretty much essential for all but the largest of businesses.”

We at Mismo Systems keep track of all the recovery reports. Run tests periodically and subsequently, provide reviews. So, when the actual need arises you don’t have to face any difficulty and be focused on the production.

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