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Enterprise Mobility & Security

Secure your Cloud and Mobile landscape without impacting the productivity

As employees embrace a new culture of work across devices and cloud apps, it’s important to secure our digital estate. For the highest level of productivity, it is encouraged to use personal devices and work from any location. So, the need to balance mobility with security to protect our corporate resources, data, and documents increased multi-fold.

Unifying the environment

Unifying the environment

Windows Hello for Business

With Windows Hello for Business, one can replace passwords with strong two-factor authentication that combines an enrolled device with a PIN or biometric (fingerprint or facial recognition) to sign in. Windows Hello can easily be implemented within existing identity infrastructure, by extending certificates to include the use of a PIN or biometrics as an enterprise credential; plus, it allows remote access. Users can sign in to their Microsoft account, an Active Directory account, or an Azure AD Premium account.

Benefits of EMS

  • Manage Desktop clients for software update/inventory/protection/remote assistance
  • Manage mobile devices and mobile apps
  • Gain deeper visibility for your cloud apps and start controlling data with granular policies
  • Help prevent data loss in iOS and Android devices with an unparalleled ability to manage Microsoft Office mobile apps
  • Deliver and manage apps across a broad range of devices, including iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone all from a single management console
  • Simplify administration by deploying required apps automatically during enrolment and allowing users to easily install corporate apps from the self-service Company Portal
  • Create and manage a single identity for each user across your hybrid enterprise, keeping users, groups, and devices in sync
  • Provide single sign-on access to your applications including thousands of pre-integrated SaaS apps
  • Protect identities by enforcing risk-based conditional access policies and multi-factor authentication for both on-premises and cloud applications
  • Provide secure remote access to on-premises web applications through Azure AD Application Proxy
  • Improve user productivity with self-service password reset and application access requests for directories in the data center and the cloud
  • Securely manage the identities for Office 365 and all our SaaS apps.
  • Protect emails to View only rights and cannot print/forward
  • Protect documents to view only or set expiry
  • Encrypt emails and documents
  • Enable secure internal and external file sharing that lets you classify and label files at creation, track their usage, and protect them wherever they go.

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Conditional Access

Conditional Access

Policies, enforcement, and conditional access in EMS

  • Device encryption to help prevent unauthorized access.
  • A six-digit PIN or password.
  • An inactivity timeout period.
  • Antivirus and malware protection, and signature updates via Windows Defender or Lookout for Work.
  • Auto-updates on Windows 10 devices that include the latest security updates.
  • Pushing VPN and wireless settings and certificates to your device.

Need of Device & App Management

Office 365 is a great product that gives you access to information anywhere and on any devices, however, it does open a challenge to protect and control company data.
Organizations want to use Office 365 to increase employee productivity, however, without compromising security.

Following is what we hear from our customers:

  • We want to control which devices and location our services will be accessible from.
  • We want to ensure that business data is not copied to personal apps.
  • We want to manage devices (PCs & mobiles) and business apps.
  • We want to implement information protection policies.

Device retirement

A self-service portal gives people the ability to check their system health and unenroll a device that no longer needs to be managed. For example, if a device has been lost or stolen, the user can either remove Intune management or ask us to do so. When a device is removed, corporate assets are automatically deleted. Devices can be completely or selectively wiped.

A full wipe restores the device to its factory defaults. This removes all company and user data and settings. A full wipe can be performed on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

A selective wipe removes only company data. The specific data that a selective wipe removes and the effect on data that remains on the device vary by platform.

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