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How Microsoft Teams Boosts Productivity

In today’s competitive world, putting the right tools in the hands of your workforce is really important so that they can focus on delivering great work. While most companies understand the importance of utilizing latest technologies to increase productivity, they struggle in selecting the best solution according to their business needs. With so many options available in the market, let us understand why Microsoft Teams is the best option.

Microsoft Office 365 Teams integrates seamlessly with all existing Microsoft applications and other third party services. Some of the features that make Microsoft Teams stand above the rest are listed below.

Instant Chat Option

The chat window is aesthetically designed to suit the needs of a team. Users can tag other users, schedule a meeting and easily share files with other team members. The easy to use interface helps in properly handling multiple chats simultaneously.

Guest Access

With this outstanding feature, users can give controlled guest access to collaborators from outside the organisation. This option is very useful when certain projects involve interaction with other organisations or third party teams. This saves a lot of time as the communication is centralized.

Tools Integration

A major plus point of using Microsoft Teams is that it provides options for seamless integration to multiple tools which are used by team members on daily basis. Also, as a Microsoft product, Teams integrates seamlessly with the company’s other mission-critical applications, including Outlook, Skype for Business, and Word.

As great as these features are, this is just scraping the surface of what Microsoft Teams can do for boosting a workforce’s productivity. With Microsoft Office 365 Teams, online knowledge sharing and project management can become easier.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Microsoft Teams fits into the bigger picture of workforce productivity transformation, connect with one of our experts and we will help you seamlessly integrate to the latest Microsoft technology.

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