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How the cloud can help you achieve compliance?

Compliance is a requirement of most of the businesses. Maintaining compliance helps businesses stay away from legal problems, frauds and protecting the employees and customer data.

Compliance is a set of rules and regulations an organization must follow to run their business including the IT systems they operate. There are organizations/councils who maintains these set of rules and they have become industry standards.

Once you have implemented the set of rules and regulations, you can get an audit done and if passed you are awarded a compliance certification, e.g. ISO, PCI, HIPPA, SOC, GDPR etc. These certifications can be industry specific, HIPPA is a certification for healthcare industry.

Another example can be e-commerce companies or travel companies who process customer credit card information. Its required for them to be PCI (Public Card Exchange) compliant to operate. Businesses are more tech dependent than ever which increases the requirement compliance in IT systems.

It’s been almost a decade when cloud technology business was started, and we were all worried about security and its being one of the barriers in cloud adoption.

As time passed, the technology evolved, and cloud companies understand that security is a key requirement of their business. They are investing billions of dollars in ensuring that the systems they are building are secure and compliant. Today leading cloud providers, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform have a lot of compliance certifications.

How can it help you as a business?

You need to invest in our core business. You will never invest that much of money and most importantly time & focus to ensure that systems running on your servers are secure and compliant. It makes complete sense to utilize what’s already there. This can get you moving fast and focus on what you need to do.

We at Mismo Systems work with many businesses in their cloud journey. I was very happy to see one of our customers going to cloud because it helped them to be PCI compliant. Cloud Infrastructure is already PCI compliant, half the job done.

Please note that its half the job done! If you have an application that needs to be PCI compliant, cloud has taken away a lot of Infrastructure related compliance, you still need to ensure that you application has all the required controls in place.

It’s a myth that moving to the cloud will take care of everything – security, availability. It will take care of a lot of things but it’s a shared responsibility. You need to understand what your responsibilities are. Work with your trusted partner to get this right and use Cloud technology to be & stay compliant and secure.

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