Microsoft Productivity Suite

Microsoft 365 – Productivity Suite

A productivity ecosystem designed to enhance the productivity, collaboration, and availability of your work on the go.

A solution to boost the productivity of every single user!

Microsoft 365 productivity suite is a cloud-based, subscription suite that encompasses Office and other productivity apps along with various other cloud services that help you take control of your work and its availability like never before.

With multiple applications and features that make up one complete collaborative ecosystem, you can see a complete turnaround in the resultant performance of the individuals and Teams.

Benefits at a Glance

Create and Collaborate

Create, share, and co-author Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations with co-workers.

Email and Chat

Stay connected with customers and co-workers wherever you are via email, phone, online meetings, with audio/video conferencing capabilities.

Stay productive on the go

Access and edit documents offline that syncs automatically. Pick up where you left off on your file when switching devices.

Cloud document library & Intranet

Central reservoir for all your organization’s content, a fully configurable Intranet to be in sync with your company across departments and geographies.

Your work on Cloud

Make the best of cloud storge to save, share and pick-up your work from anywhere and any device.

Protection against cyberthreats

Advanced protection against malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and other threats.

Improved Communication

Microsoft 365 gives users tools to keep communication centralised and straightforward across Outlook, Teams and Yammer.

Cost-Effective Solution

Get the multitude of services and solution all at a highly affordable and pocket-friendly price for your organization.

Real world Functions

Work from Anywhere

The data can be stored and regularly backed up while working with Microsoft 365. This helps the user to access the data from any remote location. The users need not to be present at their office for long hours. They have one solution that enables them to be productive and collaborative anywhere.

Work on any Device

Depending on a single device to get the work done creates a lot of liability. In any event where the accessibility to the device is disrupted our working gets disrupted in turn. Microsoft 365 easily solves that problem by keeping your work online and accessible with complete security from any device. Just login on any device using your credentials and you are all set with all the required tools

Stolen or Broken Device

There have been numerous incidents wherein we or one of our teammates could not work for reasons not attributed to him or her such as the device being stolen, physically damaged or attacked by cybercriminals. Microsoft 365 comes up as an absolute answer to all such highly probably scenarios. Getting ready to face any of these showstoppers is an investment with multi-fold returns.

Give away the responsibility of fluid workplace functioning, management and security of all devices and data. Get an integrated solution bringing together best-in-class productivity tools.

Workplace Productivity Management

Microsoft 365 Tenant Management

Manage Licenses

Manage Azure AD

Manage SSO


Configuring External Communications

Configuring Channels

Configuring Guest Access

Sharepoint & Onedrive

Configuring Document Libraries

Configuring Sharing Policies

Configuring Permissions

Security Management

Configuring message encryption

E-discovery and legal hold

DLP configuration

Training and Review

One-hour training to users once in a quarter

Quarterly usage reporting and optimization

Quarterly review meetings

Pricing – Let’s work this out.

Microsoft 365 comes with different plans designated to teams of different sizes and unique requirements. We would like to get in touch with you to understand what you may need and which plan is suited for you.

Below are the most common plans with their market rates:

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Standard – ₹560.00 user/month
  2. Microsoft 365 Business Basic – ₹125.00 user/year
  3. Office 365 Enterprise E1 – ₹490.00 user/month
  4. Office 365 Enterprise E3 – ₹1,230.00 user/month
  5. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business – ₹460.00 user/month


Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Productivity Suite

How is M365 Business Basic different from M365 Business Standard?

M365 Business Standard offers all the web-based services that M365 Business Basic offer plus the desktop office applications.

Is there a limit to the number of users for Business Plans users?

Yes, Microsoft 365 Business plans can only be used for maximum of 300 users.

Can I use M365 Business plans with Enterprise plans?

Yes, M365 gives you the ability to mix and match the plans as per the user’s requirement.

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