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Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager

Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager allows you to control the distribution of user traffic for service endpoints in Different Datacenter.

Service Endpoint supported by Traffic Manager includes Azure VMs, Web Apps, and Cloud Services. You can also use Traffic Manager with external, Non-Azure endpoints.

Traffic Manager: use the Domain name Systems ( DNS )  to Direct client’s requests to the most appropriate endpoint based on a traffic routing method and the health of the endpoints.

When to use Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager:

When your Site on multiple servers / locations and huge application.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager

  1. Load Balancing.
  2. Performance Improvement.
  3. Auto Failover.
  4. Improve Availability of critical application.
  5. Fulfill compliance Requirement (Geographic base)
  6. Upgrade and perform service maintenance without downtime.

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How Traffic Manager works

There are Six routing method in Traffic Manager

  • Performance: It routes the traffic to the fastest responsive node.
  • Priority: It routes the traffic to a specific node if the node goes down.
  • Weighted: It routes the traffic based on the weight assigned to each node.
  • Geographic: It routes the traffic to specific nodes based on the source location.
  • Subnet: It routes the traffic to a specific node based on an IP address range.
  • Multivalued: It routes the traffic to a specific number of nodes. It will return multiple IPv4 or IPv6 endpoints.

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