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Cloud Security – A shared responsibility

We see all businesses small or big, consuming cloud technology in one or another way....
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DevOps with AWS

What is CI CD? Continuous Integration Developers work on the code which is stored in...
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Azure vs AWS

It’s Azure vs AWS!! Read this blog to know the major differences between Azure &...
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Is Cloud cheaper than On-premises Data Centres?

Cloud has bloomed over the last decade, according to Goldman’s analysts almost 23% of IT...
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Top 10 Elements of The Cloud

In this blog I will be talking about the Top 10 elements of Cloud. Virtual...
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AWS Security Features

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) in terms of security follow a shared responsibility model. So,...
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Breakout Rooms and Its Usage – Microsoft Teams

In this blog, we are going to discuss a feature provided by Microsoft teams known...
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A quick look at the 4 Most Used Services on Microsoft Azure

1. Azure Compute Azure compute is an on-demand computing service for running cloud-based applications. Azure compute service...
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What is Budget in Azure and how can you set the Budget?

Budget in Azure to manage and monitor the spending or consumed cost for Azure services....
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