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Securing the Modern Workplace using Office 365

Almost every business be it small or large is on the Cloud. Many people think if a data is on Cloud it is not safe. The giants Microsoft and Google are working hard to make Cloud a safe and secure place. They have special resources dedicated to providing complete security to the data.

If you are making use of Office 365, there is plenty of security option provided, which helps to safeguard your data. You can make use of MS office 365 to secure all the data and information in the modern workplace.


Security Features for Microsoft Office 365

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication

The MFA works as a protective layer in the login process. Login is a one-way verification process; the user needs to enter the password to get access to all the services. The Multi-Factor Authentication combines two or more challenges to provide complete security. It can be a fingerprint or retinal scan along with a password on your smartphone. If a hacker is able to get access to your password, they still won’t have any access to your data because of multi factor authentication.

  1. Advanced Threat Protection

Ransomware is the major cybercrime happening across the globe. The ransomware is spread with random malicious links and attachments in emails. The emails look more realistic and it is very difficult for an individual to find the differences. The situation is worst for the employee who is not well trained about the malicious activity. Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365 restricts the arrival of these malicious links and attachments into your inbox.

  1. Azure Identity Protection

It is very difficult to get an account back when it is compromised. The robust Azure Identity Protection can catch and immediately suspends the action of a hacker. Azure Identity Protection follows machine learning and flags all the unusual activities. If someone logins from a new place or different time zone, it will flag it. The feature allows detecting multiple logins from different locations. This helps detecting the suspicious activity in advance and proactively safeguarding your data.

  1. Mobile Device Management

It is not a feature to spy the employees. The focus of Mobile Device Management is to control access to all the office data even if the company has ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ policy. It restricts the employees to access email with their personal phones, tablets or laptops. The MDM feature in Office 365 allows the employees to get access to emails and other information from the dedicated company issued smart devices. Using Azure AD conditional access, you can also restrict access from a specific location or supply many other conditions to improve security of business data.

  1. Privileged Identity Management

It is important to control and manage the admin access. The feature of Privileged Identity Management provides access to the added user to work as a temporary admin just for a particular time frame. The specific users can be marked as eligible admins when required. This allows you to have full control over how long they can get the access to the admin functionality.

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