Tally on Azure

Tally on Azure

Have an ever available and secure accounting backed with the power of the cloud. Shift your Tally on Cloud and experience increased Savings, Security, Scalability, Flexibility, and Efficiency!         

Keep up with your accounts from anywhere at any time at your convenience.

Tally on Azure is a service carefully crafted to enable businesses to take control of their accounts from anywhere using the device of your liking with the ultimate security provided by Azure. Accounts and books are those highly important pieces that you would like to have easy access to while being fully secure to prevent all the lingering cyber risks.

Benefits at a Glance

Anywhere or Any Device

Hosted on Azure, running on premium Microsoft Azure infra, Tally is always accessible to you from anywhere on the globe, all you need is a device connected with the internet.

Save Cost with PAYG

With Tally on Azure, you are offered cost-saving benefits by paying for what you use. Pay as you go billing model lets you pay for the minutes you have used your Tally servers.  

One-Click Accessibility

The solution takes you to your Tally on cloud with just a single click on your desktop icon. Users won’t even know that they are using Tally on cloud.

Highly Secure & Scalable

A highly secured infrastructure that lets you scale the resources with the utmost ease. Setup more users within minutes as your company grows.

Real world Functions

Multi Branch Consolidation

Consolidation of Tally spread across multiple branches can be a tiring process. With a singular hosted location that is accessible from anywhere with any permitted device all the data and ledgers are already consolidated in one place.

Local Infra disruption

Access to the accounts is way too important to be disrupted by local IT-related issues that arise every day. We cannot afford to have our accounts shut down for an indefinite amount of time, that’s where the power of the cloud comes in to save the day. With the migration to Azure, you can have as much as 99.99% guaranteed availability to your accounts.

We make sure that you are fully focused on your business without a single concern of IT. Let us take away the worries which do not bring you more business, so that, you can go out and do more.

This is how we manage your Tally on Azure:

  • Business Hours Remote Support
  • 24x7x365 emergency support
  • Regular Health and Performance Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning and Cost optimization
  • Cloud Change Management
  • Break-fix Support
  • Monthly health Reporting

Cloud Infra Management

Regular Monitoring of Cloud Environment

Cloud Infra Monitoring

Threat Monitoring

Alerting & Integrated Incident Management

Quick action and mitigation of complexities

Iaas Management

Configuration Management

Patch Management

DB Health Check & Performance Tuning

AD Health Check & Diagnostics

Network Configuration Management

Cloud Virtual Network Management

Connectivity, Express Route & VPN Management

Web Traffic Management

Third-Party Security Virtual Appliance Management

Security Management

System Threat Management

Web Application Firewall Management

Network Assessment

RBAC Security and Access Management

Azure Infrastructure Inputs

Azure Utilization Analysis & Optimization Services

Periodic Architecture Review

Infrastructure Modernization Guidance

Azure Change Management

A Customer's Story

Client –A Learning-Based company

About Client – The client is a learning-based company helping the organization by training their employees and helping them increase their productivity and competence in different disciplines.

Pricing – Let’s work this out.

Even though the final pricing can only be found out after listening to your unique requirement. Following are the fundamental components that contribute to your monthly bill.

VMs selected as per the usage.

Storage to store all your data.

Backup to maintain multiple copies.

Networking for nicely architected design.

Windows RDS Client Access Licenses For remote access.

Frequently asked questions about Tally on Cloud

What is pay as you go (PAYG)?

PAYG or pay as you go means you only have to pay for what you use and when you use it. If the virtual machine that hosts the Tally runs for 8 hours a day, then you only have to pay for those 8 hours.

What are RDS licenses to host Tally on Azure?

RDS CALs or Remote Desktop Service Client Access Licenses are required for the users to start using the Tally hosted on the cloud remotely.

Does Tally support Linux?

Yes, Tally supports Linux.

Why Us?

Best in Class Support

Proactive Management

Cost Management

Technology Company

Multi-Cloud Expertise

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Core Values

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