Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines allows you to deploy a large range of computing solutions in an easy way. Install a virtual machine nearly quickly and pay by the minute. With support for Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Oracle, SAP, and many more, you can install any workload and any language on any operating system.

From Microsoft SharePoint to Dynamics to System Center, you will get great security, execution, and reliability when running it on Azure. Our technical support team will cover everything from Microsoft applications to cloud infrastructure. Using Azure Virtual Machines can build reliable security and compliant solutions for your business. (Read:- How moving to the cloud reduces your impact on the environment?)

Virtual Machine Series consists total number of 12 series. Below are a few-

Entry-level economical VMs for dev/test
A-series VMs have CPU performance and memory configurations best suited for entry-level workloads like development and test. They are economical and provide a low-cost option to get started with Azure. Av2 Standard is the latest generation of A-series VMs with similar CPU performance but more RAM per vCPU and faster disks.

Example use cases include development and test servers, low traffic web servers, small to medium databases, servers for proofs-of-concept, and code repositories.

Economical burstable VMs
Bs-series are economical virtual machines that provide a low-cost option for workloads that typically run at a low to moderate baseline CPU utilization, but sometimes need to burst to significantly higher CPU utilization when the demand rises.

Example use cases include development and test servers, low-traffic web servers, small databases, micro services, servers for proof-of-concepts, build servers.

The D-series Azure Virtual Machines offer a combination of vCPUs, memory, and temporary storage able to meet the requirements associated with most production workloads.

Example use cases include many enterprise-grade applications, relational databases, in-memory caching, and analytics. The latest generations are ideal for applications that demand faster CPUs, better local disk performance or higher memories.

Protect data in use
DC-series virtual machines are a new family of VMs to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data and code while it’s processed in Azure through the use of secure enclaves. This is in addition to the existing built-in encryption capabilities that protect data in Azure while it’s at rest and in transit.

Example use cases include confidential querying in databases, creation of scalable confidential consortium networks, and secure multiparty machine learning algorithms. The DC-series VMs are ideal to build secure enclave-based applications to protect customers’ code and data while it’s in use.

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