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Why Cloud?

Data centres have existed for decades to maintain and secure data for organisations. They hold all sorts of information from client databases to market patterns to employee records while also ensuring development. But sadly enough, this luxury of securing and maintaining information was only with the organisations who could afford all the massive costs associated with data centers.

But this has changed since a while. The entity that solved this massive issue is Cloud. In simple term cloud is data centres provided to the users over the internet without any active management by the user. Cloud can provide data backups and help you with your Business Continuity plan by providing disaster recovery solution with a lot more economic efficiency. So, you no longer need to invest in expensive hardware, large server room and a large team of team professionals to maintain it. Cloud will take care of it.

Let’s talk about the factors that lead companies to move to cloud:


Cloud is a very flexible platform. Its fits very well with a company’s fluctuating bandwidth. You can scale up or scale down your cloud capacity without having to hire or fire tons or employees or buying space and hardware. Cloud’s agility is one of the main factors that company’s IT heads, IT directors, Chief Technology Officers decide to move on to cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Every business needs a business continuity plan which includes a disaster recovery plan (DRP). DR helps an organisation to get IT infrastructure running back in case of a natural or a human induced disaster like Ransomware. Small businesses are more likely to face attacks such as Ransomware because they don’t have enterprise level security deployed at their organisation. So, DR is a much efficient solution for them.

Managed Services

Is IT not your primary forte? Why should you hire a full-time employee to manage your cloud? You just want to focus on your business? The simple answer to all these questions is Managed Services. Nowadays, companies provide you a fully managed cloud infrastructure to make your life easier and better. For instance, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Managed Backup. Your can also get managed services for VM on AzureSAP of AWSTally on AzureManaged Modern Workplace.


Physical hard drives can be stolen, or an absconding employee can run away with your data or there can be a hundred other scenarios of security breaches. But Cloud increases your control over data way lot more. You can remotely wipe up a device’s data with a click or block your employees from copying data to an external device or just load a yearlong snapshot of data. Cloud has an unprecedented level of storage.

Work from anywhere

Cloud provides you the option to work from the place you like and are convenient to work from. It sets you free from the stringent rule of being at your workplace all the time. The option of getting to work from anywhere, anytime adds to an employee’s productivity and happiness which in turn adds to their performance. All you need to work now is an internet connection. Moreover, a good IT service allows you to work with any device.

No capital expenditure

Large capital expenditures can be eliminated by adoption of cloud into your organisation, just by giving small amount of monthly fees. Which helps to maintain cash flow in the business which is important for small and medium size enterprise.

Focus on your own work

Your company might not possess the skill and knowledge required to run an IT department, so managed end to end IT services which save cost and time is the best course of action. So, you can go on to focus on your own set of expertise and your business.

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